When the Mise-en-scène comes to life…

THINGS YOUR MOTHER THROW(TYMT) is a creative collaboration between Studio Shermano, a visual arts, film and photography studio and Envelope Architects, an architectural practice specializing in bespoke designs for homes and apartments. TYMT is a creative and research lab with an aim to update past designs and styles for the contemporary interiors.

Taking the cue from the British and Dutch furniture designs during the colonial times in the Nusantara region and the influences from the indigenous and migrant communities in the Southeast Asian region, we hope to distill a sense of what it was like to live during the sedately colonial times and the tumultuous post war mid-20th century period where dramatic changes were taking place not only in architecture and design but also in Southeast Asia where most countries gained their independence from their colonial masters.

TYMT aims to find a bridge that link the past with the present through the humble restored vintage pieces used by the common folks who lived during those times. Hopefully when we are able to understand our past, we will be able to make sense of our future.